About us «UkrEnergoMontazh» (UEM)

PJSC "Ukrenergomontazh" (UEM) - one of the leading construction and installation companies of Ukraine, which provides services for the realization of projects of any complexity in the field of radioactive waste management, nuclear and thermal energy.
The scope of the company includes a wide range of works on designing the organization, project management, supply of equipment and services, implementation of complex construction and installation works.

The principal activity of the Company from 1986 to the present time is the execution of works on liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Formed in a highly professional team with a significant production capacity and years of construction experience, PJSC "Ukrenergomontazh" remains one of the major construction companies, which are involved in the implementation of the action plan a phased transformation of the "Shelter" in a safe place (SIR Project - Shelter Implementation Plan).
Company's mission

In the market of the energy and industrial construction to be a leader in the implementation of projects of any complexity through the use of innovation in their implementation.

The company's strategy

Permanent development of competitive advantages, improving the company's activities to meet the needs of customers in the implementation of projects.

The company's philosophy

Qualitatively and in time to fulfill its contractual obligations.

Сompany values
  • customer focus;
  • skilled team of professionals;
  • the reputation of a reliable partner;
  • high quality of the project at every stage.
Licenses and Permits
The Company operates under the following permissive documents
For shareholders and tenders
The Company's activities are carried out on the basis
of the following: on the basis of the following permitting documents of licensing documents
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History of development
History "Ukrenergomontazh" is inextricably linked with the development of nuclear energy in Ukraine and its first-born - the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. PJSC "Ukrenergomontazh" was founded in 1988 by merging into a single entity of the Chernobyl installation management "Spetsatomenergomontazh" Pripyat and installation management "Yuzhenergomontazh" - the leading enterprise in the period of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from 1972 to 1986-th year.
Experience of industrial activity:
  • construction of a shift camp liquidators "Cape Verde";
  • JI-MAP construction of specialized facilities and buildings;
  • Wall mounting distribution between the 3rd and 4th power units of the ChNPP;
  • completion of construction of storage facility for spent nuclear fuel (SVYAP-1);
  • construction of the city of Slavutych;
  • construction of the Crimean and South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant;
  • Kremenchug HPP construction, Burshtinskogo ZKPD;
  • elimination of consequences of the earthquake in Armenia;
  • Construction of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR in Leninakan;
  • construction of power facilities in Kiev (CHP-5, HPP-6, boiler room "Poznyaki");
  • preserving the 5th and 6th units Chornobyl NPP;
  • repair work on the 3-th power unit of ChNPP;
  • strengthening metalwork machine hall 1 - 3 units ChNPP;
  • repairs of ventilation exhaust pipe of the 1st and 2nd units of ChNPP;
  • reconstruction of premises deaerator stack 4th block to house engineering services of the "Shelter" Chornobyl NPP.
Implementation of projects
  • dismantling of mechanical and power equipment in the premises of the 4th unit of Chernobyl NPP in order to create job opportunities for facility personnel "Shelter";
  • construction "of the transport scheme" for the development of fuel-containing materials in the "Shelter" object;
  • assembly / disassembly in the local area of ​​the "Shelter" KB-676K.2.2 crane;
  • construction of storage facility for spent nuclear fuel (ISF-2);
  • construction of a plant for processing liquid radioactive waste;
  • construction of water supply and sewerage system of the "Shelter";
  • construction of an industrial complex for solid radioactive waste;
  • construction of a repository for low and intermediate level radioactive waste for the Chornobyl NPP;
  • construction of sanitary inspection for 1430 places for "Shelter";
  • increase fire resistance calculations sleeper in the fourth power unit of Chernobyl NPP;
  • reconstruction of the air duct system "bypass" the 4th unit of Chernobyl NPP;
  • repair of crane tracks repair and filling machine of the REM-488 1 - 3 units ChNPP;
  • reinforcement of civil structures repository for spent nuclear fuel (ISF-1).
Since 1998 PJSC «Ukrenergomontazh" active participant in the implementation plan a phased transformation of the "Shelter" into a secure object (SIP Project - Shelter Implementation Plan)
Forces Company implemented the following project
  • strengthening of support beams B1 and B2 of the "Shelter";
  • strengthening of support beams B1 and B2 of the "Shelter";
  • elimination at the top of the "Shelter" unauthorized passages, sealing of the roof from falling precipitation, sealing abutment cascade wall to block "B" of the "Shelter";
  • stabilization measures under the project "Shelter";
  • removal of pioneer wall berm in the area of ​​the "Shelter";
  • construction of a modernized system of physical protection and access control of the "Shelter";
  • Building fire protection systems of the "Shelter";
  • clearing and site preparation, removal and transfer of buildings and structures at the site of the "Shelter";
  • Design, supply and installation of the integrated automated control system ChNPP;
  • construction of HVT;
  • Construction of OK NSC
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